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자유게시판자유 토론 용도 게시판[Lv2]

IPMS Hella 32nd 전시회 소식

13-03-11 15:55
IPMS hella의 Nicolas Protonotarios에게서 온 메일 공유합니다.
올 10월말에 아테네에서 32번째 전시회를 한다고 하네요.
IPMS Korea도 참관하고 싶으면 하라는데요..^^
가고 싶음 마음은 굴뚝이네요..제가 대표로 다녀올까요?^^;;;;;;;
그래도 혹시 참관하시고자 하는 의사가 있으신 분은 제게 메일 주세요.

Dear friends from the East, Jeff Li, Seoung-ho Nam, welcome to our community.

It is with great expectations that we see the IPMS finding fertile ground in Asia, especially given the development of the hobby industry in both China and Korea. Since the founding of IPMS Hellas in 1981 we have seen the hobby grow both in size and quality and we believe the IPMS community will also serve your modellers well. 

We are currently making preparations for our 32nd annual Expo and Competition in Athens, planned for late October and we would really appreciate seeing a delegation from your countries taking part in our annual event. Please feel free to to inquire about our experiences to date and let us know in what ways we can work towards closer ties between us. 

For any information you may contact me directly to my personal e-mail :
Nicolas Protonotarios
  (IPMS #115)
International Correspondence

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