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지중해 Malta에서 온 편지

13-03-13 11:33
IPMS Malta소개와 언제든 환영한다네요.^^
홈페이지와 페이스북 방문해보세요.

Here is some information about us:

Malta, a small island republic in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea south of Italy and member of the European Union has a relatively large community of very active members. With a total population just exceeding 400,000 IPMS-Malta is proud to form part of this worldwide modellers’ organisation. 

Established in January 1981, the society’s primary objective was to raise the level of scale modelling to the highest possible standard and to change public perception from that of a hobby for dilettantes to that of an appreciated art-form.  This objective was reached and surpassed through the years as attested by public attendance at the Society’s events which have taken place every year since its inception and continue to this day.  The main event of the Society is that of its Annual Exhibition which has evolved from a National Championship in the 80’s, Model Expo in the 90’s and as History in Scale in the last decade.  The venues have varied from Malta’s most popular hotels to a hangar of the Aviation Museum at Ta’Qali where the club also has a permanent exhibit consisting of aircraft models and dioramas. 

IPMS Malta has its premises centrally located at Blata l-Bajda just outside the town of Hamrun where members meet every Wednesday evening after 18.30 for a drink and where talk centres on all different aspects of modelling.  In the warm Maltese summers, it’s a Barbeque every other week on the third level rooftop terrace. 

Now and again members from SSM take part in various international competitions like the IPMS Nationals (UK), Euromilitaire (UK), World Expo (Glasgow, Roma, Boston, Girona), IPMS Athens (Greece), Herzog von Bayern (Germany), Kulembacht (Germany), MFCA (USA), Atlanta (USA), Le Petit Soldat (Italy), CSMS (Catania) ... and have always returned home with flying colours and many, many awards. 

Our doors are always open for new members and modellers visiting our island.  In fact, we frequently host prospective members of both Maltese and any other nationality resident in our beautiful country as well as the frequent tourist modeller on holiday in our country.

(Historical Note:  In 1981 philanthropic organisations were not allowed to use the country name in their title and therefore, IPMS Malta was then locally called The Society for Scale Modellers.  In time, this piece of legislation was no longer enforced and when it was eventually repealed, the society could use its proper name of IPMS Malta which it had used internationally for many years. As both names have historical and prestigious significance, they are both used simultaneously with much pride by present and past members of this great fraternity.)

As one of the 'old' IPMS organisations we would like to offer our assistance and co-operation to any project which you may have and hope that we can start a long association between our societies.

With our very best regards,

Aldo Chetcuti
IPMS Malta

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