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"Asian Air Arms" Special Interest Group 참여자 모집

16-11-14 17:26
IPMS South Somerset, UK
영국 IPMS 의 사우스 서머셋 지역의 IPMS 지부에서 메일을 보내왔습니다.
주제는 제목과 같이, "Asian Air Arms" Special Interest Group 참여자 모집하는 내용입니다.
아시아의 여러 국가의 Air Arms 특정 주제로 한 소그룹 같은 커뮤니티입니다.
링크를 통해 방문해보시고, 관심있으시면 SIG활동도 해보시는 것을 추천드립니다.
Dear IPMS Colleague,
I am building a new IPMS Special Interest Group – “Asian Air Arms”. It is for modellers interested in the air forces of Southern and Eastern Asia, since 1945. Twenty-six air forces will be included, from Mongolia to Sri Lanka, and from Afghanistan to Papua New Guinea.
“Asian Air Arms” can be found at:
It brings together several different websites to create a unique on-line resource for aircraft modellers. Although it is not finished, it is open to visitors now – please check it out. You will see that it includes:
1.  Lists of most aircraft used by 26 Asian air forces (and some Naval, Army and Coast Guards);
2. The kits that are available, in different scales, to model most of these aircraft;
3. Very many colour schemes and photos of most aircraft used by these air arms;
4. Brilliant articles written by top aviation authors, such as Tom Cooper (e.g. Cambodian Air Wars);
5.  Video clips of aircraft in action;
6. Photos of members’ completed models;
7. Links to other websites that give more information about specific Asian air arms.
“Asian Air Arms” will be launched at IPMS UK’s annual model show – Scale Model World at Telford in England next month. If you are visiting the show, you will find us on the club table of IPMS South Somerset. Please do come and have a chat, and see what an amazing variety of colour and aircraft types can be modelled: from Thai Navy AV-8A to Sri Lankan Kfir; from Malaysian A-400 to North Korean Su-7UMK; from Taiwanese Ki-84 to Hong Kong’s Spitfires; and so on - a highly colourful range of colours and types – a welcome change from grey, grey and more grey!
With the help of other IPMS modellers, the website will grow and mistakes will be corrected. There might be modellers in your club/region/country who are interested in joining the “Asian Air Arms” Special Interest Group. We would ask, therefore, if you would please tell them about it and encourage them to visit the website. There they can join the Special Interest Group (it is free). We would be delighted if your colleagues could help us with photographs and information that will improve the website; and/or come to meet us at Telford.
Thank you for your attention,
Kind regards,
Brian Griffin


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