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IPMS KOREA 홈페이지에 방문하신것을 환영합니다.
IPMS Korea는 2011년 7월24일 IPMS UK로 부터 National Body Charter를 승인 받고
홈페이지를 개설하게 되었습니다.
IPMS Korea는 IPMS Nation body rules를 준수합니다.
회원의 레벨 및 상세한 내용은 우측상단의 Sitemap을 참고 바랍니다.

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IPMS National Body Charter



National body rules
All IPMS National Bodies, Branches, Chapters, and Members are bound by these rules:
Your group must agree to uphold these basic principles to be considered for IPMS membership.  No one is to be prevented from membership by virtue of race, religion, age, sex, or ability.  Anyone of any skill level may be a member.
You must have a membership of some kind with regularly scheduled meetings.
You must hold democratic elections at least every two years for a President, Treasurer and Secretary, as a minimum.
You must agree that no one is forming this group for personal gain and no one is allowed to trade for his or her personal financial gain using the name of the International Plastic Modellers Society.
No member may, for any reason, register or make as a trademark the name of the International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS) in your own country.  Only upon acceptance by the IPMS (UK) Executive Committee through application by a Formal Undertaking, can a National Body incorporate the use of ‘IPMS” and its logo.
You must agree to make welcome IPMS members of other countries.
Any Member or Branch or Chapter failing to uphold these principles may have their membership withdrawn by the IPMS National Body.
Each National Body is financially independent and funds its own programme.  A rated subscription fee should be introduced to pay for the needs of the Society.